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Here you can find the links to download the minna no nihongo (みんなの日本語) series 1 and 2 in PDF format. The link leads you to a download site where you can download the full PDF after completion of a very short survey. This survey will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. after which you can enjoy the full PDF!

Minna no nihongo 1 PDF
Minna no nihongo 2 PDF


An example of the wordlist in Minna no nihongo pdf:

Conversation in minna no nihongo:

An example of the exercises in minna no nihongo:

DOWNLOAD みんなの日本語 1 PDF
DOWNLOAD みんなの日本語 2 PDF

This manual treats you like an adult who must speak in Japan. Each lesson provides some sentence patterns (ie grammar) are shown how to use relevant vocabulary useful in situations, and offers many opportunities for practice.

The vocabulary is excellent. He is aggressive: should we learn about 50 new words per lesson, and uses the vocabulary from the previous lessons. It is also well chosen: the logically equivalent to the sentence structure for this vocabulary lesson so that we can learn and practice together. But he did not need to complete thematic categories (animals, etc. ..) to remember. It recognizes that many adults need to talk more often than “horses” on “Reports”.

Minna No Nihongo consuming work partner and I found the most effective studies in a classroom with a teacher or at least with a committed partner.

The book itself is unique. I’ve never seen another. It is written for foreigners in Japan, it is entirely in Japanese. Then, students can purchase the corresponding translation and grammatical notes (recommended) in the language of their choice (English, Korean, Chinese, etc.).

This book is certainly to practice Japanese. No romaji only kana (Japanese characters) … the best way to sharpen our skills to hiragana, katakana and kanji, and grammar itself. Enriched with answer key, this book is really helpful. But, as the title “Shokyu” we will not be given any form of structure / grammar. This is absolutely workbook, theory and grammar is briefly explained on series Minna no Nihongo “grammatical notes.”

I have used this series during my study abroad in Japan. Having already found great success with the Genki series, Minna no Nihongo was very irritating. The English explanations of grammatical points were in a very ambiguous language means anything that could be written. They were obviously written by a Japanese as they try to appear intelligent in fact, which seems simple is disturbed. In addition, all changes are taught grammar from the verbal form MASU! If you do this, it is almost impossible to find a model changes in the Japanese verb, to learn grammar is not done by the understanding, but memory. The grammar is too complex to learn this way, of course we must be saved. The authors act as if there was no such thing as a simple form of a verb that is just crazy. No, I’m sorry they put in the second book and treat it as a particular point of grammar. They make you realize how the simple form constructed from the form-masu! This is clearly back and well, crazy. This is the only word for it. The idea that some schools of boldness you need to learn the Japanese way, this brings back old memories of “frustration indescribable.” The only explanation for this incompetence is the underlying truth that many Japanese do think deep not it is possible for foreigners to learn their language. Do not believe me? Try to speak Japanese in Japan. You see what I mean. Besides all its shortcomings, to effectively use this book to both the text and the translation book with you at all times, and you have to coordinate between the two, knowing that things inefficiently. Now I want you to imagine sitting there juggle both absurd words, do you know that ? good. Now try a future where you are able to function effectively in daily life with the Japanese view. Caution could blow your head. Do yourself a favor, start by Genki I and II, then move to an approach integrated intermediate Japanese and learn kanji as soon as possible.

Minna No Nihongo is ideal for beginners. The series offers words and grammar that everyone should survive in Japan while getting the most advanced the most essential Japanese simultaneously. He does an excellent job of introducing the Japanese for beginners and covers the intermediate Japanese. This is a great series of books that is challenging and rewarding for the very fair price. You will not regret buying or downloading it!

Part of what makes it special Minna is that it begins to walk off with no English. This is not a manual for just casual learners, you must be on your Japanese to work for you. This book seriously if you have a current knowledge of hiragana and katakana, and also has a drive to learn, then this is the book you want to use. Download the minna no nihongo pdf files here on this site!

Minna no nihongo 1
This book is one of the two most important books, and it is only in Japanese! No English, no Roman alphabet! So you should be able to read kana. Each chapter is divided into seven parts: Bunkei (文 型 sentence patterns), fric (例文, sample rate), kaiwa (会话, conversation), renshuu A (练习 A practice A) renshuu B (练习 B, practice B) renshuu C (C 练习, practice C) and mondai (问题, question). The first four parts are read parts, while the last three parts are written / listening parts. Unfortunately for listening part you must have a CD, but it is not included, and I do not know where to get it to .. The answers to the letter parts are at the end of the book. This minna no nihongo pdf is defenitely worth the download!

Download the minna no nihongo pdf right now, and save yourself a lot of time. Study japanese as soon as possible, study katakana, hiragana kanji and much more!

みんなの日本語 PDF